Friday, October 28, 2011

So let's talk about Bonnebell...

Just like many of you, I'm sure your foray into lipgloss began with some kind of fruit flavored number when you were kid. Well my first lipgloss adventure was into the world of Bonnebell, and even then my 8 year old self loved a nude lip. Ironic, i know. Here I am, 14 years later signing the praises of these beauties once again. Oh course, I'm talking about Bonnebell Lip Lites. These little things are AMAZING. Pigmented, perfectly colored and excuse me for saying but cheap! Currently, I have 3. Those being strawberry parfait, cappuccino and caramel latte. My favorite being the exact same one it was at 8 years old, the nude one in the bunch, cappuccino. It just so good. Bonjour, to the perfect nude lip.
My one reservation about these that perhaps my child self didn't care/realize was that they have the staying power of water. They're very thin, which also means non-sticky, and don't wear as long as I would like. But honestly, for barely $3 I shouldn't be complaining. Additonally, they make a fabulous dupe of Nars Turkish delight called strawberry parfait, which is identical and doesn't smell like band-aids much like it's high-end counterpart.

P.s. Below, these look slightly darker than they do in real life. I'm working with an iphone and bad kitchen lightening, anything looks wonky in those conditions.

L to R: Caramel Latte, Cappuccino, Strawberry Parfait

L to R: Strawberry Parfait (Creme), Cappuccino (Creme), Caramel Latte (Shimmer)
So next time you're out and see these babies, snatch them all up. DO NOT hesitate, you will not be disappointed. And don't be ashamed that you're a grown woman, elbowing 8-year olds out of the way for the most perfect nude lip you'll ever find, we understand.

xx Julia

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